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Child Abuse Child Abuse

Bert Potter -The Centrepoint Community Bert Potter -The Centrepoint Community
The history of Centrepoint and its leader Bert Potter who has been released from jail.

The tragedy of 'Lillybing' The tragedy of 'Lillybing'
On July 23rd 2000 Rachealle Namana and her sister took the 23 month old girl they were looking after to hospital where an examination revealed the horrific abuse the little girl had been subjected to leading to her death over 5 hours earlier

Peter Ellis   Peter Ellis
Convicted of crimes against children. The Peter Ellis case is full of controversy. Has he been persecuted?

The 'Newlands Baby Farm Murders' The 'Newlands Baby Farm Murders'
There is a darker side to the history of the Wellington suburb of Newlands, which came to light in 1923 with the discovery of a tiny body in sand hills in Lyall Bay.

Delcelia Witika - A case of child abuse Delcelia Witika - A case of child abuse
Two-year-old Delcelia Witika died a horrible death in March of 1991 in the south Auckland suburb of Mangere.

 Peter John Dagger Peter John Dagger
First person in New Zealand to be convicted of pornography on the Internet.

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