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Crime in NZ Report - Released July 2001
Crime is a topic of great public interest and concern. For many, the concern comes from the perception that rising levels of crime constitute an increasing threat to their safety and their property. The public's perception of levels of crime is often influenced by media reports. As the media tends to focus on certain types of crime it can distort the public's perception of crime in our society. This report provides an overview of the actual levels and types of recorded crime in New Zealand.

This information has been sourced from Statistics New Zealand

Although it is commonly accepted that the actual number of crimes committed is higher than the number of crimes reported to and recorded by police systems, the data recorded by the New Zealand Police remains one of the best indicators of crime in New Zealand.

Crime in New Zealand is the first of a series of analytical reports Statistics New Zealand will produce during the next three years. These reports will examine social trends and issues of current interest. The next report will look at the transition to employment of school leavers with no or low qualifications.

The report begins by looking at changes in the total level of offending in New Zealand from 1970 to 2000  read story...
Administrative offences
Three percent of all offences recorded in 2000 were classified as administrative offences.   read story...
Resolution rate
A recorded offence is considered resolved by the police when an offender is identified and dealt with (warned, cautioned, prosecuted).   read story...
Offence categories
Police classify all offences into one of the seven offence categories   read story...
Dishonesty offences
The largest crime category (by a significant margin) is dishonesty offences, with 60 percent of all offences falling into this category in 2000  read story...
Drug and anti-social offences
Drug and anti-social offences was the second largest crime category in 2000, comprising 12 percent of all recorded offences.   read story...
Violent crime
Although violent crime has traditionally aroused the most public concern and comment, it constitutes only approximately 10 percent of all recorded offences.   read story...
Property damage
Property damage offences made up 9.5 percent of all recorded crime in 2000  read story...
Property abuse
This category constituted 5 percent of all offences in 2000.   read story...
Sexual offences
The smallest crime category is sexual offences, accounting for less than 1 percent of all recorded crime in 2000, and in every year since 1994  read story...
Overall offence rate
The recorded offence rate rose steadily from 55 per 1,000 population in 1970 to an all-time peak of 132 per 1,000 population in 1992  read story...
Report Summary
Recorded crime doubled between 1970 and 2000. The offence rate peaked at 132 per 1,000 population in 1992 but was down to 111 per 1,000 population in 2000  read story...
Appendix - crime categorisation
Within each offence category are a number of offence classes and within each offence class are a number of offence types  read story...

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This report provides an overview of the actual levels and types of recorded crime in New Zealand. Released by Statistics New Zealand on 31 July 2001

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