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SATURDAY APRIL 13 2002: Baby Kahu snatched at gunpoint
Exhaustive preparations complete, Terence Traynor made his final trip to Lower Hutt. Stopping to purchase a thermos and two bottles, he returned to the holiday park to heat some milk. Driving to the road where the Durie residence was located, he lay in wait. After 4 years in the planning, finally the day had come.
Terence Ward Traynor waited. The Mitsubishi Magna in which he was seated sported the plate Ul3802 on the front and AHL171 on the back. Neither of which were the legal plates of the car.

Parked outside a now familiar house in a now familiar street, Traynor checked again that he had everything he would need to execute his elaborate plan. His balaclava, gloves and a.22 Ruger semi automatic accounted for, he returned to waiting.

Donna Marie Tai Tokerau Durie Hall popped Baby Kahurautete into the pushchair and gathered her nieces, Manumea and Erena Durie for a Saturday walk. At 11.20am they left their home address and headed towards the Hutt River. As they turned into St Albans Grove, they were not aware of the car the drove past them and parked outside the daycare centre at the end of the road.

The girls pushed baby Kahu a few metres ahead of her mum, who was following with the family dog. As they neared the steps to the stopbank, a man run from his vehicle and pointed the firearm at the two girls. Donna Hall caught up to her nieces. The attacker waved the firearm at her and demanded that she get rid of the dog. Assuming that the man was afraid of the dog, Ms Hall lead it to a nearby property.

As she was taking the dog away, the girls had been forced to back up the steps. The kidnapper took the pushchair and placed baby Kahurautete in the front seat of the Magna. Donna Hall ran out on the road as the car sped off but had to quickly leap out the way at the last second to avoid being run over. Baby Kahu was gone. The nightmare had begun.

Terence Traynor sped away from the scene of the kidnapping with he prize next to him. No doubt he was relived that no one had bailed him up and therefore he hadn’t used any of the 10 rounds of live ammunition he had loaded before leaping out the car.

Pulling up at the Seaview Marine, Terence transferred Kahu to his waiting Mazda. He placed her into a previous fashioned ‘U’ shape mattress to prevent her falling off the seat.

Driving the Magna to the storage garage, he parked it safely inside and ran back to the waiting Mazda. Baby Kahu had slept during the whole ordeal. When she awoke, Terence feed her a bottle and she settled. He waited three and a half-hour before heading towards Taumarunui, to avoid any roadblocks. Stopping in Levin he purchased nappies and kindling. Then completed his journey to his residence in Hikumutu Road, Taumarunui.

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4 years in the planning, finally the day had come for Terence Traynor to act

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