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The Legal Teams
The Trial

On June 14, 1999, the man accused goes before the court in what looks to become the trial of the decade. For an in-depth analysis of the case please go to our section headed Operation TAM.

The Judge

Justice Dick Heron is to preside as the judge over the Scott Watson murder trial. He became a High Court judge in 1984 and now is the second longest serving judge on the bench. He is chairman of the parole board.

The Defence

As the trial of Scott Watson is poised to begin, his defence team is ready. They are Bruce Davidson, Mike Antunovic and Nicolette Levy. Davidson and Antunovic will co-counsel the case. Also involved in the defence strategy is the private investigation company “Corporate Risks” run by two former police officers.

Bruce Davidson is a partner in the Wellington law firm of Greig, Davidson and Gallagher and specializes in criminal defence matters . Until earlier this year Davidson was the convener of the criminal law committee of the Law Society. His experience is extensive and along with his co-counsel Mike Antunovic he is taking on the most publicized case in recent New Zealand history.

Mike Antunovic is a sole practitioner and has his office in Wellington city. He along with his co-counsel had worked in a junior capacity for Mike Bungay earlier in his career. He brings wide experience to the defence table.

Nicolette Levy is the third lawyer on the defence team. She has studied at Victoria University and has been practicing for nine years. She will organize all the data that will be stored in the defence computer.

The Prosecution

The prosecution team is comprised of four key members including Nicola Crutchley, Paul Davison, Kieran Raftery and Mark Davies.

Nicola Crutchley is the Crown Law Office’s chief prosecutor for the Blenheim-Nelson district. The Ben Smart and Olivia Hope case falls in her jurisdiction. She has prosecuted murder trials and has a strong background in criminal cases.

Paul Davison is a prosecutor for both the Serious Fraud Office and the Auckland Crown Solicitor’s Office. He was made a Queen’s Counsel in 1996. He has been a prosecutor in the cases of David Tamihere (The Swedish Backpacker Murders) and Malcolm Rewa (convicted rapist).

Kieran Raftery is a partner in the Auckland Crown Solicitor’s office. He has a background in criminal trials and has been involved in several high-profile cases.

Mark Davies has had three years experience appearing in criminal cases for the Crown.

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The powerhouse legal teams involved in the trial of Scott Watson

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