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Witness says Ben Smart appeared drunk
People who came across the Blenheim friends at Endeavour Inlet before they disappeared around January the 1st last year are taking the witness stand.
Benjamin Jessep has told the jury Ben and his friends had been drinking beer and spirits during the day on New Year's Eve.

Mr Jessep says he saw Olivia at the Furneaux Lodge party and she didn’t seem intoxicated.

Another witness, Megan MacKenzie, gave evidence saying she was camping with a group of friends at the Furneaux Lodge on New Year’s eve when they were joined by Olivia Hope early in the evening. 'I don’t think she was very drunk and neither was I at that stage.' She said.

Evidence from around 100 witnesses who had had dealings with either of the couple b
I don’t think she was very drunk and neither was I at that stage.
egan when Rodrick Boys told how he was a member of the crew of the vessel Olivia and her friends had chartered for New Years Eve, the Tamarack.

Mr Boys spent the night ashore where crew from the Tamarack arrived the next day looking for him and Olivia. When questioned about being concerned with Olivia not being found, he said he wasn’t, as he assumed she was with his old schoolmate, Ben Smart.

Other witnesses told the court that Olivia didn’t seem drunk and Ben Smart seemed happy on New Year's Eve.

Case proceeding…

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Ben Smart and his friends were drunk when they went to the New Year's Eve party at Furneaux Lodge, a witness has told the Scott Watson murder trial in Wellington today.

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