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Wednesday 14th July : Delays in hearing more evidence of ‘inappropriate’ behaviour
The High Court continued to hear testimonies of witnesses who had met Scott Watson on or around News Years Day, 1998.
When giving his evidence in the High Court, Nicholas Cooper said the meeting of Scott Watson in the Furneaux Lodge bar on New Year's Eve 1997 was "…probably the worst part of our holiday." Mr Cooper said a man identified by a friend as Scott Watson, had kept repeating the phrase "dog on a chain".

“We told him to push off... and were a little bit aggressive about it," Mr Cooper said to the court Tuesday.

Following this Mr Cooper observed Watson at the bar "hassling" two girls, he said. " He said Watson tried to converse with them but they did not look up.

Teresa Geddes, who was on the same vessel Mr Cooper had charted for the trip (the ‘Jans Coastal’), said at one point when she was alone in the bar Watson was leaning right over her as he spoke and forced her to move away.

Another member onboard the Jans Coastal also met Watson in the Furneaux Lodge bar and said he was offended by the conversation they were having. "So I swore at him and he went away," he said. He said Watson repeatedly used the phrase "dog on a chain bro" saying it was Australian gang talk. He recognised Watson after seeing him on TV.

Case proceeding…

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The murder trial of Scott Watson experienced some delays early on today as lawyers involved met with the judge, followed by technical difficulties associated with a recording device.

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