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Week Four - Around 300 witnesses heard to date

Screams Heard at 3:30am New Years Day 1998
Another witness has told the court he heard screams around 3.30am on New Years Day whilst sleeping on his family’s boat.   read story...
Witness says Ben Smart appeared drunk
Ben Smart and his friends were drunk when they went to the New Year's Eve party at Furneaux Lodge, a witness has told the Scott Watson murder trial in Wellington today.  read story...
Witnesses tell of New Years Eve with Ben
In the trial of Scott Watson today more people took the witness stand who interacted with Ben Smart and Olivia Hope in the hours before they disappeared last year.  read story...
Friends of Olivia give evidence
More of Olivia’s friends gave evidence of the events leading up to her disappearance today, describing the early morning arrival of Olivia and Ben to the Tamarack, the yacht chartered by the group of friends for the celebrations.  read story...
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Almost 300 witnesses have given evidence at the end of the trial's fourth week

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