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Gail McFayden - Defence said Murphy had answers
The defence contended that Murphy had an answer to all these matters. His possession of Gail’s personal belongings was consistent with his claim he had stolen her unattended bag. If he had killed her, what did he do with her bikini, hat, jandals and beach squab, none of which were found? He claimed he had burnt things in the incinerator out of panic because he believed the theft would incriminate him in her disappearance. The masking tape found on the body and in the incinerator was typical of what many people would have at home. Murphy read dirty books and crime stories but so did thousands of other people. His semen was compatible with that found on the body but also with 90 percent of the male population. He often told lies, and often shaved off his facial hair. The scratches on his legs were consistent with his work. He cut the bottom out of his bag because it was rotten. While fibres from Murphy’s bag matched those on the tape and under Gail’s nails, there was nothing to show they came from a common source.

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