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Scott Watson Trial - Guilty Verdict Returned
Ben Smart and Olivia Hope disappeared from Endeavor Inlet in the Marlborough Sounds on New Year’s Day, 1998. This section aims to provide an up-to-date record of the trial of Scott Watson, the man accused of their murder. Be sure to check back regularly as the trial unfolds, as is committed to delivering a broad coverage of events as the trial progresses.
The Trial

On June 14, 1999, the man accused went to trial in what looks to become the trial of the decade. For an in-depth analysis of the case please go to our section headed Operation TAM.

The Legal Teams
The powerhouse legal teams involved in the trial of Scott Watson  read story...
Week One - Prosecution Case Highlights
The Crown says that sex was the motive for Scott Watson murdering Ben Smart and Olivia Hope, and that Ben was killed only because of what he had witnessed.  read story...
Week Two - Testimonies of Numerous Witnesses Heard
Numerous boat owners give evidence including a report of loud noises heard early on New Year's morning  read story...
Week Three - Jury visits the Marlborough Sounds
The jury in visited the Marlborough Sounds this week to view the Furneaux Lodge and Scott Watson's boat.  read story...
Week Four - Around 300 witnesses heard to date
Almost 300 witnesses have given evidence at the end of the trial's fourth week  read story...
Week Five - Witnesses tell of Watson's New Year's Behaviour
The High Court in Wellington heard testimonies of witnesses who had dealings with Scott Watson at the Furneaux Lodge on New Year's Eve, 1997.  read story...
Week Six - More people who had dealings with Scott Watson give evidence
More testimonies were given this week from witnesses who had dealings with Scott Watson at the Furneaux Lodge on or around New Year's Eve, 1997.   read story...
Week Seven - One Mast or Two?
A second witness in the Scott Watson murder trial told the jury Olivia Hope and Ben Smart boarded a double-masted ketch.  read story...
Week 8 - Forensic evidence begins...
Forensic examinations of the yacht of murder accused Scott Watson were presented this week, as well as testimony from the accused's brother.  read story...
Week 9 - Hair, blood DNA analysis evidence heard
ESR scientists gave evidence relating to the DNA content of hair and blood samples taken from a blanket found in Scott Watson's yacht this week.  read story...
Week 10 - Ex-cellmate gives 'confession' evidence
This week the Watson jury heard evidence from a secret witness who had shared a prison cell with the accused in 1998.  read story...
Week 11 - Prosecution Wraps Up
The Crown's case against Scott Watson draws to a close in the High Court in Wellington, with the last of the prosecution witnesses taking the stand.  read story...
Week 12 - The Case for the Defence Opens
The Defence case opens saying the Crown's own witnesses prove Watson was not with Blenheim friends   read story...
Week 13 - Closing arguements presented and jury deliberation begins...
The jury considers its verdict after the Justice Heron finished summing up the case.  read story...
Scott Watson - Guilty of Murder
The jury has found 28 year old Scott Watson guilty of the murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope.  read story...
Mon 13 Sep - Decision on appeal to be made
Scott Watson's lawyers will meet to decide whether to appeal the 28-year-old's conviction for murdering Ben Smart and Olivia Hope this week.   read story...
Wed 16 Sep - Crown applies to extend minimum parole period
Convicted double-murderer Scott Watson may not be eligible for parole when he's 38 as the Crown files an application to extend his minimum parole period.   read story...
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This section provides an up-to-date record of the trial of Scott Watson, the man accused of the murders.

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